Monday, June 13, 2011

First One Down!

So as I mentioned the other day, I've begun a valiant effort to knock out some of the TBR -- especially before I start adding newer buys to it this summer :)

I've got the first of my chosen stack down! Woohoo! Over the weekend, I finished up reading Daniel Abraham's The Dragon's Path. A whopper of a read and the first in his new series. But now to describe it to you all!

It's a little tough. See The Dragon's Path is essentially the introduction to the story (I believe). Not much of it can stand on its own, but it serves as an introduction to the world, the characters, and the larger plots and schemes that I think will play out through the entire five book series. Fans of large epic fantasies will love sinking their teeth into this one. The characters are fantastic (lots of gray -- everyone has different motivations but no one is entirely good or bad in this series so far.) and Abraham has carefully envisioned a rich world with a fabulous history -- one that I hope we get much more of a taste of in later books.

I found this to be a fairly easy read. I've tried my hand at some epic fantasies in the past with mixed results. Some I've enjoyed very much while others have proven to be a bit too much for my sometimes feeble reading mind to handle. They can be daunting in size and intimidating in plot. Yes, Abraham's book is rather large, but I have to say that the story moved really quickly. It helps that I liked the characters so much -- and some I wish I'd seen more of and can't wait to greet again in subsequent books.

Well, I'm off to tackle the next read. No word yet (that I can find) on the release date for the second installment in this series. Abraham is a busy, buys guy, though.

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Vickie said...

Big and fast moving is fine with me. Thanks for the introduction!