Friday, April 3, 2009

An Update

Last week I showcased some of the upcoming books that I've been super excited about. The first was Natasha Mostert's Keeper of Light and Dust (or Keeper in the UK), which you can read here. Well I finished reading it day before yesterday and thought I should give you all an update on how fantastic it was. 

Since there is a description in the previous post, I'll just give you a short rundown on the synopsis. 

Mia Lockheart is a Keeper, responsible for protecting and healing warriors. Her particular warriors are actually martial arts fighters. When one dies mysteriously, Mia suspects that there is something very sinister at work. Meanwhile, her closest friend, Nick Duffy, a fighter himself, is also struck by how strange the death is. As he snoops around, he finds five other deaths in recent years that are similar. All were healthy men who died just days after going into the ring, with no injuries that could be connected to the death. Both Nick and Mia are drawing closer and closer to the man who calls himself Dragonfly, a thief of the light who has set his sights on both of them as his next victims. 

I love that Mostert connects all these different ideas to make what is such a unique tale. Eastern philosophy, Chi, martial arts, recent scientific discoveries, and even the vampire mythology play a part in this story and it works brilliantly -- part thriller, part supernatural, and even a little romance! 

Ok, super busy today, but I'll post again tomorrow. I've also just finished up reading a book I bought for my sister, so if you're looking for a great teen mystery to get your reader started, I'll post something on that shortly. And, I've started reading Lisa Jackson's latest, Malice, which I've been on pins and needles for since the last pages of Lost Souls!

Happy Friday everyone!

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