Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Little Wonders by Kate Rorick

It's a bleak and dreary Tuesday here, folks, which isn't helping given the current situation. So it's fortunate, then, that I'm on the blog tour for Kate Rorick's latest, Little Wonders, which turned out to be a warm and light hearted read!

Quinn Barrett's perfectly organized life begins to crumble when a moment of rage goes viral on the internet. And new mom in town, Daisy, is the unfortunate cause of it all. 

Quinn had no idea anyone had witnessed her meltdown at the Halloween parade, much less filmed it. But then video of her destroying her carefully crafted costume for her son is leaked and gains national attention. 

Daisy is new to Needleton and still trying to fit in. She hadn't meant to film Quinn's incident. She also never intended for it to be posted on the internet! And now she's doing all she can to make sure no one knows she's responsible. But the more Daisy tries to fit in, the more she and Quinn are thrown together, and the closer Daisy's secret is to being exposed. 

I'm a new mom and, much as I've made efforts to separate all the various pieces of my life so that the blog doesn't become about being a mom or about being someone working in publishing, it gets harder and harder to compartmentalize. Especially when Kate Rorick's books come up for review!

Her last release, The Baby Plan, landed in my lap when I was pregnant. And it was a tough read for me because of that. But now I'm a mom with a toddler and her latest book is all about moms with toddlers!

And oh, how I can relate to Quinn and Daisy! Quinn's need for control and Daisy's feelings as the new mom (we haven't done much socializing as parents, so I also very much feel like an outsider amongst other parents).

Little Wonders was cringe-y at times, reminding all of us parents that none of us is perfect but as long as we try our best, we're doing a good job!

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Sara Strand said...

I really enjoyed this one myself! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours