Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

Sunnybrook High doesn't have a cheerleader squad. Not since the the events of five years ago when the school tragically lost five of the team in one year. Two were killed in a car accident, two were murdered, and one committed suicide in the aftermath. 

Monica's sister was the last one. Which is why she's asked to take part in a memorial service the school is planning for the anniversary of the students' deaths. But Monica doesn't want any part. For one, she's dealing with her own mess at the moment. For antlers, she was never really sure her sister took her own life. But her parents won't talk about it. Her mom has a meltdown any time anyone mentions it and Monica's stepdad, a cop, isn't talking either.  

And then she finds her sister's old phone hidden away in her stepdad's desk. Sure he could have kept it for sentimental reasons, but the stack of letters hidden alongside it are a different story. And when Monica charges the phone, she sees that her sister had one final phone call on the day of her death. A call that lasted almost 20 minutes. Who was it and what could they know about her death?

Kara Thomas is a favorite of mine. A must-have-every-new-book-by-this-author favorite!

One of the things I love about Thomas's work is that she doesn't shy away from delving into the psychological aspects of the story. Monica and her family have suffered in the wake of her sister's death. Her absence is felt as strongly as though she were right there with them every day. And as a result, no one has healed.

But that lack of healing is exactly what draws Monica into the mystery. It's what keeps the mysterious caller entangled in the mystery as well - the person on the other end of that phone call who insists that Monica's sister didn't kill herself when Monica reaches out to them!

The Cheerleaders is dark and snarky - a mystery with a great lead character whose voice grabs you from the very first page and drags you alongside her as she becomes further and further entangled in what might (or might not) be a five-year-old mystery.

A new favorite and a perfect read for any mystery fan, young or young at heart!

The Cheerleaders is out on shelves today!


Kay said...

I've actually already been to library website to look for it! They have it on order. I'll wait patiently. It sounds really fun!

Becky LeJeune said...

It's a great one, Kay! I always enjoy her books so much (and this one on audio is good as well if you do audio books at all).