Tuesday, January 23, 2018

666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce

See, backlist reading!

Another of my challenge goals is "finish a trilogy" - this is both a square on the List Reading Challenge as well as a points earner in BookBar's challenge. I'd set out to read a different one (my bookshelves are actually littered with unfinished series and trilogies!), but Gabriella Pierce's 666 Park Avenue has been hanging around on my shelves since 2011! It seemed like it was time.

Jane Boyle is in love. It's been a whirlwind two months since she met Malcolm Doran, but it seems he feels the same considering he's asked her to be his wife! And Jane is looking forward to building a new life with Malcolm, even though it means leaving behind the only home (and country) she's ever known and moving to America. But it's an adventure she knows she can handle with him by her side.

Even learning of her grandmother's recent death and the fact that she's a witch by blood can't keep Jane down. Until she meets her in laws!

The Dorans are upper crust like Jane has never experienced and her mother-in-law instantly takes charge of the wedding. Jane figures she should pick her battles, letting the woman have her way for the most part, especially since she's trying to control her newfound powers. Her plan seems to be working, for a while, until she realizes she's not the only witch in New York City. And this new world she's part of isn't exactly welcoming!

As you may know, there was a tv series by the same name, ostensibly based on these books. I was a big fan of the show, and even though I clearly waited forever, I was looking forward to reading and continuing the story in the books. And yet, they are the same in title only - which is kind of crappy. It made for a rocky start in my reading, all things considered. (I know, I had forever to find this out.)

That hurdle aside, I was quickly able to sink in and really enjoy this one. It's light and a bit fluffy, also more romance than I typically read. But it was also great fun!

Jane is a witch by blood - which means her mother was a witch as well. There are some intricacies to the witch world that Pierce goes into in more detail, but this is the important thing to know for now. Unfortunately for Jane, her parents died when she was very young and her maternal grandmother (also a witch) never told her anything about the witchy stuff. Which leaves Jane in a pickle! Thanks, grandma!

But Jane's resourceful, luckily! When she realizes there are others around her who might be able to help her, she begins a crash course to learn her new powers. And just in the nick of time, too.

666 Park Avenue ends with things a bit up in the air for Jane. The story leads straight into the sequel, The Dark Glamour, and the story concludes with The Lost Soul. It's a good thing the books are still in print because I somehow missed book 2 (book 3 was already in my TBR).

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