Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins + a Giveaway

Sara Hill always loved the books and fairy tales her grandmother shared with her. What she didn't know was that those tales were steeped in a history and reality that stretched back to the days of Adam and Eve. And that her grandmother had been hiding a secret so dangerous it put them all at risk. 

In the earliest days of man, the angels came together with humans in a union unsanctioned by their creator. The beings that were born of that union became the creatures we know today as the Nephilim and their offspring split into varying lines of Sidhe. Many of them made their home in Ireland and the Middle Kingdom, and their presence - along with the goddess Morrigna - on the Emerald Isle kept it protected from its enemies. 

But in the late fourteenth century, a schism between the Sidhe led to a revolt against the Morrigna and the death of one of her human aspects. That death was just the start of what would become a battle between the Sidhe, the Celts, and Ireland's own enemies. It was a battle that would lead to the end of magic itself. 

Mark Tompkins's debut is an interesting blend of folklore and theology. In his world, the Sidhe are descended from the Nephilim - the offspring of angels and man. This combination is suited to the story considering much of the conflict is between the Church and those who believe in and follow magic.

The story is populated by some of the most fabulous beings in all of fairy tale lore including the well-known gnomes, brownies, and pixies and the possibly lesser known (at least by me) beings in Irish folklore like the fomorians and skeaghshee. And that's just a small taste. Tompkins has seriously combed through the plethora of magical beings and the annals of history to create one of the most unique twists on fae legend and magic I've ever come across!

That said, though, I would haver loved it if the story had been told in more of a linear timeline. The frequent time jumps (back and forth) through history made it hard to keep the various threads of the story straight at times. I found myself getting hooked on one storyline and character only to realize that they may not appear again for quite some time. This is a pretty typical fantasy tendency, switching back and forth through a handful or characters, but the gaps between some of the characters' appearances were sometimes a bit too long and I found myself losing track of their stories. (Blame it on my Swiss cheese brain at least in part.)

What is really cool about The Last Days of Magic, in addition to the beings portrayed, is the way Tompkins twists the actual history to suit his tale. The story is set in the time of Richard II who did indeed invade Ireland and while I'm almost certain that Isabella and her kin were not part of a high coven it is said that Richard's own grip on reality was slipping in his final days...

Mark Tompkins's debut is not an easy read. It's a dense tale packed with history (maybe overpacked) but if you have the patience for a bit of a slower read I think you'll find it's quite fascinating.

Thanks to the publisher I do get to offer up a super fun prize pack! One of you will win a hardcover copy of The Last Days of Magic along with a custom-made pack of tarot cards.

To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below before Monday, March 14. Open US only and no PO boxes please.

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For more on Mark Tompkins and the world of The Last Days of Magic, you can check out his website here. While you're there, be sure to check out Mark's list of tour stops to see if he'll be in your area!


Dan K said...

Ooo..Tarot cards. Interesting. Always love your giveaways!

KAS said...

I love that this book is rooted in Celtic folklore; thanks for the chance to win, Becky! Cheers and best to all, Kara S

Jennifer | Book Den said...

That is a cool giveaway! I'm really intrigued by this one. I'm not much of a historical reader, but I do enjoy me some folklore.

Stacy Renee said...

This book sounds amazing! I love historical fiction, fantasy, folklore... I would love a chance to read this!