Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keepsake by Kristina Riggle

Trish is a single mom doing her best to raise two kids while working full time. But Trish also has a big problem: Trish is a hoarder. She managed to hide the problem from outsiders until her youngest son, Jack, was injured when a stack of things toppled over on him. The doctor reported Trish and now she's faced with cleaning out the clutter or facing court and possibly losing Jack. Her oldest son, Drew, has already left because of the mess and Trish can't bear losing both of her boys. But as much as Trish would love to deny it, the hoarding is more than just mess she doesn't have time to take care of. In a last ditch effort to help, Drew approaches Trish's sister, Mary, asking her to lend a hand in the clean up effort. Though Mary and Trish have a strained relationship, Mary has seen first hand what hoarding can do to a person. As the family comes together to support Trish, everyone must eventually face the issues that have brought them here. 

I see sawed quite a bit with this book. Riggle's writing and pacing are fine. In fact, the story moved along quite quickly. I had a hard time sympathizing with Trish throughout the story though. At one point I'd be fine and in her corner and then I'd find myself getting aggravated. Trish is so defensive -- like the people you see on an actual episode of Hoarders actually. Considering I'm not a fan of the show, I guess you can see why I'd struggle with Trish. 

Fortunately, Riggle was able to pull me back into the story each time I started to waffle. By the time the women start to get some insight into their mother's background, I was pretty invested in the tale and settled in to read to the end. 

Though this is my first outing with Kristina Riggle's work, this is not her first release. Riggle is the author of Things We Didn't Say, The Life You've Imagined, and Real Life & Liars

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Lori's Reading Corner said...

Another one in Mt TBR I really need to get too.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'm so glad the author pulled it all together in a way that worked for you and kept your attention!

Thanks for being on the tour..