Monday, May 21, 2012

Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis

This is a catch up post from a few weeks ago (I have a few that I've not posted here as of yet that will be sprouting up in the coming weeks). 

You've probably noticed that I'm reading more and more YA these days and increasingly confessing my adoration for all of the unique things that are popping up at that reading level. Phoebe Kitanidis's Glimmer is just one great example of the fabulous teen books moving through my TBR of late. 

Marshall King and Elyse Alton are in trouble, but they have no idea what kind. From the moment they wake up together, they have no idea who they are. They don't know how they ended up where they are, and when a man comes crashing in talking about wards, all they know is that they have to escape. According to the woman who is supposed to be Elyse's mother, she's having a "moment." Whatever that means, Elyse knows that she and Marshall have to figure out what's going on if they have any hope of surviving Summer Falls.

I had no idea what to expect from this book when I started. The story unravels only as Elyse and Marshall uncover it. In fact, in early chapters, these characters are simply "Her" and "Him" alternating as narrators of the story. 

Overall an exciting and interesting premise that Kitanidis pulls off successfully and one that presents an interesting conundrum to reviewers: how do you tell people about a book like this without revealing too much? Agh! Fans of mysteries with paranormal twists will love this one. It was cool and fun and another one I'm anxious for my sisters to read now as well. 

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