Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Down in the TBR Tackle!

Woohoo! I got to one book in the TBR Tackle stack this weekend: Sarah Addison Allen's The Peach Keeper officially knocks out the A picks for this part of the Tackle. (Course there's plenty more As left for later, including yet another Sarah Addison Allen title that I bought before my self imposed ban on buying.)

So The Peach Keeper, or let's back up a sec and look at The Girl Who Chased the Moon, which was my official introduction to this author (though Garden Spells was on my radar for a while). The Girl Who Chased the Moon was such a sweet read. Just an overall pleasure to dive into and one that set the bar high as far as my expectations in reading other books by this author. Not surprisingly, The Peach Keeper delivered on all counts and may even have surpassed Girl.

In The Peach Keeper, thirty-year-old Willa Jackson has settled into life in Walls of Water, North Carolina. She's the last in what was once a rich and well-respected family that brought industry and prosperity to their little town. All that changed in the 1930s when the family lost their home and Willa's pregnant (but single) grandmother was no longer the talk of the town in any way that folks desire. Willa made a name for herself as a prankster in high school, but fled the town in search of something new, only returning after her father's death. When Paxton Osgood sends Willa an invite to the unveiling of the newly restored Blue Ridge Madam (the Jackson family manse), Willa is definitely not planning to attend. But when the big peach tree out front is removed and a body is found, Willa and Paxton come together to uncover a secret that's been hidden for over seventy years.

A peachy keen southern read that's as delicious as the title implies! Sarah Addison Allen's particular style and use of magical realism make her books truly delightful and appealing to readers across the board. Whether you like the warm, sunny feel of a good southern read, a little element of mystery, fairy tales, or romance, The Peach Keeper has all that and more.

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Becky LeJeune said...

A little extra: I bought the new Katie Herzig cd in time to listen while I read The Peach Keeper. Makes the perfect soundtrack!