Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Those Darn Zombies!

Zombie fiction is still rolling out with seemingly no end -- slowing some, but not ending. I got this one for my birthday and can't wait to read it. Thanks to the Permuted Press folks who mentioned it on Facebook and got my attention.

Last week, I dove into Mira Grant's second book in the Newsflesh trilogy, Deadline. In this second of the series, Shaun Mason and his team of journalists are back and their primary goal has become uncovering the conspiracy behind George's death (Shaun's sister). (If you haven't read Feed, you seriously need to.) The arrival of a "dead" CDC employee leads to a shocking discovery about the Kellis-Amberlee virus and the mutations that have been occurring: though everyone lives infected, the virus does not amplify until you're dead. Some, like Shaun's sister, have active viral mutations that, while not contagious, cause various issues within. The discoveries could change everything, if the After the End Times crew can find the evidence to back up their fears and expose everything live.

Such a fantastic series! And Mira Grant is big on researching outbreaks and contagions. You can listen to her here on the latest Orbit Podcast.

Grant's books are not light reads. There's a lot going on -- conspiracy, government policies, journalistic methods, and, of course, a zombie outbreak of epic and world-changing proportions. It's a genre bender in every way and a book that I highly recommend. Beware, though, the ending is a killer! Book three is due out next year.


Vickie said...

Still working up my nerve to get this series going. Don't know why, but I have issue with some zombies.

Becky LeJeune said...

You know, I had a friend who was afraid of zombies. He said he thought it could actually happen. I'm a zombie fan, myself. In fact, I had a dream I was fighting them last night. Hmmm.