Thursday, May 19, 2011

If You Love Forensic Thrillers...

In 2006, I came across Simon Beckett's debut, Chemistry of Death. I thought it was amazing. The first in a new forensic series, Beckett's book managed to be fresh and new even amongst the plethora of forensics reads popping up all over bookstores. When Written in Bone was released a year later, I immediately ran out and bought a copy. Beckett maintained the pacing and newness that he'd established in Chemistry and I loved it. So when Whispers of the Dead landed on shelves in 2009, I was super excited. Apparently so were Scandinavian and German readers.

Unfortunately, Whispers of the Dead got lost in the shuffle of my TBR and moving. And then I saw that his latest in the series, The Calling of the Grave, has been recently released -- in the UK.

US readers are and have been missing out. While other forensic series have flourished here, the amazing Simon Beckett appears not to have done as well as the publisher had hoped. I can't find any US release date for Calling and so have pulled Whispers out of my TBR to be started today and called the ever reliable Cynthia of High Crimes to place an order for an import copy of Calling.

My brain is not so fabulous that I can pull a review of a 2006 book out of my hat, but I do happen to have a possibly spoiler free review of Written in Bone for you. Both Chemistry and Bone are available in paperback here and with all of the various resources available (Cynthia would be my rec) it's easier than ever to get your hands on a reasonably priced UK release now. If you're looking for a really top-notch and gritty forensic mystery, I'd highly recommend giving Beckett a try. Now I'm off to read Whispers of the Dead before my copy of Calling arrives!

After the events of The Chemistry of Death, Dr. David Hunter has returned to his calling as a forensic anthropologist. David is ready to go home after helping on a case in the Grampian highlands when he is called to yet another scene. It seems a body has been discovered on Runa, a small island off the coast of Scotland. Most of the official police force is tied up with a massive train wreck and they need David to examine the remains and determine whether it is in accidental death or something requiring further investigation. David grudgingly agrees, knowing that it will cause problems back home, but also realizing that his help is necessary given the circumstances. Upon arrival in Runa, David discovers that the circumstances surround the death certainly do warrant further serious investigation. In fact, David is certain that the body in question is the result of a homicide, but before the investigative team can arrive, a severe storm system cuts off all access to the island. What’s more, communication with the mainland also goes down and David finds himself trapped on the tiny island with a killer who is getting more desperate every day. Simon Beckett’s series is every bit as entertaining and well written as Kathy Reichs and Jefferson Bass’s respective series. Great for readers who can’t get enough of the forensic craze, or anyone looking for a well-plotted mystery.

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Vickie said...

Off to go find my copy of CHEMISTRY OF DEATH....It's on the shelf somewhere.
It makes me crazy when I find a series that I love and it just leaves the radar. And the crap that's out there that keeps on churning. *sigh*