Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Updates And Stuff

Hi, all! First off, holy moly! Amanda Stevens's The Restorer was fantastic! I mean it. If you see it in the bookstore, snatch it up. Seek it out! It's awesome. Dark mystery with ghosts. Loved it! And, if you're a ebook fan, the prequel novella, The Abandoned, is available at Harlequin for free right now.

If you haven't been watching The Killing, then you should get on it. I am quite literally dying to know who the killer is. I think the show is fabulous -- probably the best thing on TV right now.

And speaking of, another best thing on TV is the "reboot" of BBC's Upstairs Downstairs playing on Masterpiece Theater. I'm a little young for the original, but I'll be adding it to the rental queue now.

Upcoming on Masterpiece is a new crime series based on the Zen series by Michael Dibdin.

Also, if you're watching Starz's Camelot, you may be on the fence like me about whether or not it's working. I think I'm holding out hope that it will get better considering how much I've enjoyed Arthurian Legend stuff in the past. Gillian Bradshaw's trilogy is one that I remember quite fondly and highly recommend, though it looks like they're slowly coming back in print. Some patience may be in order. (Hawk of May, Kingdom of Summer, In Winter's Shadow)

Stephen King's new book is set for November release. I can't wait!

And, get this, if you buy the new paperback release of Justin Cronin's The Passage, you get a sneak peak at 2012's The Twelve. I'll have to wait since those teasers drive me nuts until I can get the book. EW's article here was eye opening (love the cover).

What else?

If you're a fan of the UK Being Human (so much better than SyFy), Mitchell's Aidan Turner is to play a dwarf in The Hobbit. Big change from sexy vamp. Hm.

And if you're a longtime reader, then you know how big a fan of dark UK thrillers I am. Sarah Rayne will be making her official US debut with A Dark Dividing this summer as part of Felony and Mayhem's new release list. So exciting!

And finally, stay tuned here on the blog. I've got some giveaways coming! First one up is Sunday.


Vickie said...

I am going to have to catch The Killing on DVD or hopefully it will be in reruns. I forgot to set up my pop-up on my calendar and I am nowhere without the pop-up reminders....

Becky LeJeune said...

They should be rerunning them pretty frequently, Vickie. And there's a whole website with suspect trackers and stuff. I'm digging it! I just wish it was based on a book!