Friday, March 25, 2011


Carrie Ryan's latest is out on shelves now and if you've not been reading this post outbreak, apocalyptic teen fantastic-ness, well, you're missing out. Really missing out.

Annah has managed to make it this far. Ever since Elias joined the Recruiters, she's been alone in the Dark City, fending for herself and waiting for his return. But it's been three years now and Annah no longer believes Elias will be returning for her. As she readies herself to finally leave, the horde arrives in the Dark City. At the same time, Annah sees the unimaginable: her sister, Abigail, entering the Dark City. Now Annah must work together with Catcher, a friend of the sister who can't remember her, to save Abigail (Gabry) while protecting themselves from the horde.

Ryan's world-building alone is enough to set this series apart, but I love her characters! And while The Dead Tossed Waves is Gabry's tale, we finally meet Annah in The Dark and Hollow Places.

Dark and bleak, but there's hope... Zombie-pocalypse is still going strong in my reading list!

I don't know if this is it for the series. It didn't feel that way, but I'm not entirely certain if it's the last. Maybe it is or maybe Ryan will bring us back there someday. No word yet (that I can find) on what she has up her sleeve next, but I'm sure it will be amazing!

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