Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Marianne Mancusi's News Blues

Maddy Madison wants it all, great job, great guy, and an authentic designer bag. Unfortunately, as a producer for News 9 in San Diego, she's stuck writing pieces like 'Cosmetics that Kill,' and 'Handbags that Kill.' Every emmy worthy story she suggests is shot down for one reason or another, the great guy belongs to another woman, and the only designer bags she can afford are the ones that are sold over the border with glued on labels. Then, her parents drop a total bomb on her - they're getting a divorce. Her father has been having an affair with a woman younger than she is and they are going to have a baby. Her mother disappears on a world-wide shopping spree and Maddy is left babysitting her troubled sixteen-year-old sister. Maddy has a plan to get herself out of this rut, though. She's been handed the story of the century and she's going to be the one to break it , no matter what. She just may get the guy in the end as well.

Marianne Mancusi is just a great writer. A two-time Emmy award winning producer herself, she draws on her own knowledge of the industry to create a fun and amusing read that still deals with some pretty heavy issues. Other titles by Mancusi include Shomi's Moongazer and the teen vamp series that began with Boys That Bite.

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