Friday, May 14, 2021

We Go On Forever by Sarah Govett

It's Friday! We made it!

Today I'm a stop on the Random Things tour for Sarah Govett's We Go On Forever!

For Arthur, a brain tumor doesn't mean death. It means it's time to choose a new body. And as the son of the man who made this possible, any hesitancy to do so is a concern—over appearances rather than his son's health and well being. 

Alba, or F3527, has lived a sheltered life. She believes it's to protect her and the others from harmful radiation. She believes her ultimate goal is to become an apprentice to an outside mentor. To help solve the crisis facing humanity. 

But both Arthur and Alba have been lied to. Arthur, who wants to focus on vaccines, realizes that for his father, solving the issues facing their fellow man are never going to be as important as the service they offer. And for Alba, there will never be any apprenticeship...

Wow. The future Sarah Govett has created in We Go On Forever is definitely not one I'd want to live in!

First, the rich have now come up with a way to live forever. Basically. And while that may not be a novel idea in science fiction, Govett's tapping into the darker motivations makes for a pretty disturbing read!

Arthur has the benefit of being raised not only by his father, who created and of course supports the idea of continuing life, hopping from one body to another, but by also by a mother who did not agree. And as he faces health issues forcing him to choose a new host much sooner than anticipated, he finds himself struggling with his position. 

Alba is bright eyed and determined to fix things. But she doesn't know that the existence she's been brought up in is false. It's a created reality to keep her and the other hosts busy, never worrying about what really comes of them when they're chosen. 

Like I said, it's not a future I'd want to live in. And the read is a tense one, anxiously waiting to see what will happen to Arthur and Alba. Waiting to see if there will be change. Waiting to see if things will turn around for their society. 

And worrying about the fact that it seems all too likely a future for us as well! It's especially unsettling given our current situation.

This is an incredibly gripping read and while it is technically YA, this is definitely one with lots of cross over appeal for adult readers. If dystopian is your jam and if you don't mind reading about a society under attack by drug resistant viruses and bacteria during a pandemic, I definitely recommend adding We Go On Forever to your TBR pile! Preferably towards the top :)

We Go On Forever is out now from Marotte Books! Bonus: you can order We Go On Forever direct from the publisher with free postage and packaging (UK only). You can also request signature and dedication at no extra cost!

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