Monday, May 3, 2010

The Host Giveaway

Morning, all! I'm happy to announce that Hachette is letting me run a giveaway for a copy of the new paperback edition of Stephenie Meyer's The Host. (Dets on how to enter at the bottom of this post.)

I was in the bookstore Friday and saw a woman paging through the book next to one of the displays. She read a bit, walked a few steps away (with it still in her hands) and continued reading down the stairs where she had to stop at the platform and read more. I wanted to scream at her, "Buy it! Buy it! It's fantastic!." I didn't see if she made it to the register because I was on my way out with my own purchase, but I hope she took it home and devoured it like I did when it first came out!

Now, I've never done a Stephenie Meyer post. First, I was late coming to the Twilight saga, much to the chagrin of my sisters. And by then I figured everyone had put in their two cents already.

The Host was actually my first Meyer read and I happily reviewed it for Bookbitch.com, but was really only a few months into blogging at the time. But I loved it. I mean I really, really loved it. I jumped on the Meyer bandwagon within just moments of cracking that tome and have not looked back since. (To be honest, I was already on her bandwagon because she was one of the first who really got through to the eldest Junior Junkie, sending her on her way to earning Junkie status!)

The Host is Meyer's adult debut (though it's really fine for her teen readers as well -- I've noticed this as a concern on Shelfari, and thought I should mention that). It's got all the hallmarks of the Twilight saga, a love triangle and (in my opinion) excellent characterization and an enthralling plot. Instead of vamps, though, it's about aliens! I'm one of many who are seriously hoping that there will be another outing in this world. (Did I mention I loved it?!) Here's a little bit about The Host:

They call themselves souls and they live transferring themselves from one host to another. Earth is just their latest conquest. Wanderer has lived more lives than most of her kind and this is why she is chosen to be placed inside one of Earth's remaining resistant humans. From the beginning, Melanie, the host, is different from others: Her consciousness seems to have remained, and her memories of loved ones haunt Wanderer day and night. Melanie’s increasingly insistent voice drives Wanderer to the desert where she hopes to finally track down the human's family. As Wanderer's bond with Melanie changes, though, she becomes unsure of her place in this life. Her kind leads a collective existence, one with no room for individuality. The fact that humans embrace this offers an aspect to life that Wanderer has never experienced.

And, my thoughts back in May '08 when I reviewed the book for Bookbitch.com:

This is a more complex story than any synopsis can really express, but it’s essentially a tale of love, friendship, and the need to belong somewhere. Meyer has already conquered the teen scene, and captured the hearts of many adult readers as well, with her Twilight series. The Host is an absolutely amazing book that will give those few remaining holdouts the opportunity to see just what all the fuss is about. I’ll tell you now, it’s all true - I loved The Host and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Now tell me, are you one of those holdouts? How would you like to win a free copy? If so, leave me a comment here (with your email) between now and midnight Saturday, May 8 (US only, please). I'll draw a name on Sunday morning and announce it that morning. Good luck!


tetewa said...

I loved the Twilight series and I've been looking forward to this one!

bigreys5 said...

I loved this book, and the kids like to read it when they come down for the summer.

Colette said...

Hey Becky! I guess I wasn't the only one late on the Stephenie Meyer train! Just read the first two. I thought it would be too kiddie but I really loved them!

sharon54220 said...

I would love to be entered.