Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too Rested?

I think I've been operating under such a massive amount of sleep deprivation lately that it feels really weird to have actually slept through the night. Yep, that's right. I slept through the night -- second night in a row. With a little help from Mr. Ambien, that is. 

The side effect warning with this medication had me rolling. Something like, after taking this medication you may do things that you don't remember doing such as driving a car, having sex, eating... Considering the fact that my last insomnia med was a. not letting me sleep through the night and b. could possibly cause weight gain when I am trying so hard to lose, eating in my sleep would really suck. 

No noticeable side effects as of yet, thank goodness. The only downside of taking such a strong sleep med is that it only takes a few minutes to zonk you out, if you fight it bad things happen (hallucinations in my dad's case, or no sleep at all in my neighbor's case). That means that if you get a Deaver or a Coben or a Preston/Child going at bedtime, there's none of that just the next chapter, just the next chapter stuff going on. 

Fortunately, I finished last night's read before I passed out. It was the third in Terri Persons's Bernadette St. Clare (a psychic FBI agent) series. I posted something on the debut, Blind Spot, here. And, yes, this is the third, but there won't be any spoilers for you. 

In Blind Sight Bernadette and her boss, Tony Garcia, are called to the forests of Minnesota when the body of a teenage girl is discovered. The murder is particularly gruesome because the gild had been pregnant, and the body of the child is missing. Bernadette must again rely on a combination of her FBI skills and her sight (something that still has to remain secret from everyone except Garcia) to help track down the killer and to help discover what happened to the infant. Making matters worse, the girl just happens to be the daughter of a senator who is very outspoken against the FBI. 

This is one of those series that I think just slipped in under everyone's radar. Blind Spot was released around the same time as George D. Shuman's 18 Seconds (I posted something here). It's ok to like them both, readers. I find that stylistically they are different enough that they each stand out for me. 

Plus, if you enjoyed the short lived Violets series by Stephen Woodworth, you should definitely check out both Persons and Shuman. Makes for some fun summer reading in my eyes, and can't you tell I'm ready for it to be officially summer? I really wish I still got 2 months off for summer break. 

Persons's latest hits shelves next Tuesday, May 26.


Jennifer said...

Yea! I am very happy that Mr. Ambien worked for you. Hopefully he continues to be a good friend.

Vickie said...

Thanks for this cranium's up! I listened to 18 SECONDS and a friend sent me the next in that series last week. I have THROUGH VIOLET EYES on my Wanton Wantin' Book List. Now to add this author and series.

YAY for the good night's sleep, two nights in a row. DH was taking Ambien, but it stopped working after a while. He had that stay awake if you stay up past the take effect time happen to him and he hated it! He takes a different med now and is happier. I take one AdvilPM and I seem to do okay.