Friday, May 1, 2009

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker

Alright, to round out my fantasy rec week, I have to mention Australian (technically Canadian) author Karen Miller, aka KE Mills. I was first introduced to Miller with the first part of her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker story, Innocent Mage and I thought it was fantastic! A little different in terms of pacing, but a fabulous tale. The story finished up in Awakened Mage

Here's my review of Innocent Mage from the BB archives, to get you started:

Aussie author Karen Miller makes her stateside debut with this marvelous fantasy. Six hundred years ago, the Doranen people were decimated through a catastrophic war. They fled their land and made a pact with the neighboring Olken people in what would become the Kingdom of Lur. The Doranen built a wall that was to be maintained by magic and would protect themselves, as well as the Olken, from the monster they left behind. An ancient Olken prophecy foretells a time when the wall will fall and death will follow in its wake. One of their own will save the world in its final days. This prophecy is a closely held secret known by very few.

Asher, a fisherman by trade, has come to the capital city to earn enough money to buy his own boat and support his father. Unbeknownst to him, he is about to become a pawn in a game he is ill prepared to play, for Asher is the innocent mage. This is a tale that is full of magic, political maneuvering, and the true tests of friendship and loyalty. Miller brings to life an intricate world with a complex history that is exciting and enthralling. I highly recommend this title even if you don’t normally read fantasy. The story concludes in the upcoming release, Awakened Mage

Since then, her Godspeaker series has also been released here in the US. It's a bit different, I have to say -- still fantasy but in a sort of Middle Eastern setting. The tone, the setting, and the characters are very different from those of the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books. The trilogy, in order, is as follows:

The Riven Kingdom
Hammer of God

And now, under the name KE Mills, Orbit has released the first book of the Rogue Agent trilogy, The Accidental Sorcerer, which based on the synopsis, sounds a bit Terry Pratchett-ish. Book 2, Witches Incorporated, will be released in June and the final installment, Wizard Squared, is set for release next March.

Given my reading taste, I would say that all of the books I've posted on this week are similar in theme and such, so if you enjoy this kind of fantasy, you should check them all out. And if you're more of a funny fan, try Mill(er)s' Rogue Agent books!

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